Many people have complimented Hans his work as performer, composer, music teacher and conductor. Here below an outline of some of these reviews is published.

André Heuvelman (one of Hollands foremost trumpeters)
“BrassClass is a very well structured method that helps the beginning student from the first notes to become an all-round brass player.”

Diego Carneiro (one of Brasil’s foremost cellists)
“Hans is full with creativity and is capable of getting the best result out of his projects even if the conditions are much worse than expected.”

Pabalu Vijayagunavardana (one of Sri Lanka’s foremost percussionists)
“Hans impressively manages to keep full control of each situation and each project he is doing, without forcing authority but with a calm mutual respect for the people and the environment he is working with.”

Maxwell Pardo (Venezuelan violinist and conductor)
“Hans clearly shows that language barriers don’t matter when you are making music with each other. With a large, young orchestra that had never played together he managed to earn the students trust within minutes and made them work together as a team.”

Arturo Sevilla (Ecuadorian violinist, composer and conductor)
“Hans his enthousiasm makes his knowledge and ideas about musical interpretation sound very natural and easy to understand.”

Rolands Kronlaks (one of Latvia’s foremost composers)
“Hans his composition “Paldies,, Rasa” has a clear voice and structure. Although being contemporary music it is easy for both performers and audience to understand”.

Andris Dzenitis (one of Latvia’s foremost composers)
“A rare chemistry is created between Hans as composer and the musicians that perform his piece. Hans his patience and understanding of the art of performance makes it easier and more comfortable for musicians to work with him.”

Marģers (Latvia, Project-planner)
“Thanks to Hans about our great experience of musical improvisation in our children music camp. Hans helped our children to step up to next level in music listening, feeling and creating. In the improvisation classes Hans is so calm and careful and with deep understanding of what he is doing and teaching.”

Imke (Netherlands, student)
“Hans his trumpet lessons were always very learnful and at the same time very fun. Fun in a good and effective way because we always managed to do a lot. Hans is a great motivator who manages to get the best out of his students!”

Wessel (Netherlands, student)
“Hans is a very kind and patient teacher. He plays very well and demonstrates clearly how to play the trumpet.”

Yvonne (Netherlands, student)
“Hans is a calm yet very enthusiastic teacher. He balances the need to have a good sound with a good technique perfectly with the need of becoming your own musician with an individual voice. Thanks to him trumpet playing got a lot easier and I got a lot more motivated to play.”

Gerard (Netherlands, student)
“Hans was for me the perfect trumpet teacher. With help of his written method for the trumpet “BrassClass” I got the perfect mix of technical exercises, rhythm, solfège and musical development. Hans observes his students carefully and has an open mind for new ideas or questions”