The Heritage Project in Nepal 2017
The Heritage Project worked with the children of Shree Janajagriti school in Poobari, Nepal. The project week was during the Tihar Festival and this became also the theme for the workshop. With a large crowd as audience, including the major, the children put up a three hour performance where they demonstrated the events and meaning of the Tihar festival.

Improvisation and Brass workshops in Latvia 2017
Hans lead improvisation and brass workshops at the LatvianClassicalMusicFestival in Madona, Latvia. An improvisation course of five days guided young musicians through their first improvisations.

The Heritage Project in Thailand 2017
The Heritage Project worked on two different schools with the Karen people in Northern Thailand. In Som Poi and Mor Wa Kee village the children used their native story “Puj’s Da” about the seven brothers and the monster Deif Muj Bau. The children made musical instruments and decorations out of bamboo growing in the villages. Their traditional clothes made the whole performance very colourful.