The Heritage Project @ Bispehaugen Mottaksklasse 2016
Hans organized The Heritage Project with Bispehaugen Mottaksklasse and practiced the Norwegian story “Hakkebakkeskogen” to make three performances out of it. With just four days of intense rehearsals the 20 children with all kinds of cultural backgrounds developed artistically and socially by learning to work together as a group.

The Heritage Project in Latvia 2016
In the summer of 2016 the Heritage Project was organized at the LatvianClassicalMusicFestival. Around 60 children from 8-18 years old participated in a Latvian story called “Spriditis”. After four days of intense rehearsing the play was performed at the Cesvaine Castle which functioned as an excellent stage.

The Heritage Project @ Trondheim Refugee Center 2016
The Heritage Project in collaboration with Verdige Smil worked with around 15 refugees from Somalia, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria and Sudan. In the project week the participants made their own drums and rehearsed the traditional songs of each others cultural heritage.